The purpose of this Blog is to create wealth for your family, increasing financial literacy and understanding the strategies used by the extremely wealthy.

2 New online Financial Education courses.



This brand new course has been designed to support business owners or company managers to understand the timeless principles of good business practice.

Giving you instant access to your very own video series with supporting flip charts and a PDF document you can build into your very own learning eBook.

Peter Ho is your learning facilitator explaining in the most simple terms how you too can build a business using the principle Warren Buffett has used to build one of the most profitable business in the market today, a business with what he calls a durable competitive advantage.”

Build a Business like Buffett

What is a durable competitive advantage ?

Lets look at each word separately  from the Wikipedia to understand the hidden meaning behind such a statement.


“A lasting business resisting wear and requiring infrequent replacement with a long usable life”


The ability and performance of a business, to sell  goods and services in a given market, in relation to the ability and performance of other firms.


A superiority in business over opposing business forces

“A Durable Competitive advantage” is a business concept describing attributes that allow an organization to outperform its competitors over a long time.



So how to do this.?

First we must have a basic understanding of the language of Cash “Accounting” You don’t need to be a accountant but you do need to know what they are talking about and why, they are encouraging you to reduce stock, reduce debtors, and don’t buy assets that feed the EGO and not the business.

Only then can you say “I understand” and are able to take the required action to improve the business performance, while being the envy of your friends and associates.

Successful business principles are not rocket science, but it does follow simple timeless principles of how to handle money and resources.

Build a business like Buffet has been designed to make your learning simple and very easy to understand.

1..How to get money and resources.

2..How to handle money and resources.

3..How to KEEP the money and resources.

Check this out NOW  Build a Business like Buffet


Introducing to you the second course for…

Cash Flow the Key 2 Your Dreams

This BRAND NEW on line video and PDF Course has been designed to give you a very personal experience with Peter Ho and Colin Burr.

“Cash Flow the Key 2 Your Dreams” is a discussion with planning and real examples of how to go from ZERO to $500,000 in assets in 5 years.

We had fun putting this together to encourage all participants to know why planning and monitoring your performance are critical in today’s environment.

“When the ‘money high’ hits, people feel more intelligent, when in fact they are becoming more stupid. They think they own the world and immediately go out and start spending money like King Tut with tombs of gold.”    Robert Kiyosaki Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

We begin by looking at where we want to be in the future comparing where we are currently at. By understanding the difference we can begin to plan how we are going to get to the desired future lifestyle and financial security.

What is required as we have the same as everyone else Time -Energy- and Intelligence. The question becomes one of

1..What am I doing with my time now and how can I use this more effectively?

2..What can I do to increase my level of energy?

3..What do I need to do to increase my intelligence so I use this to my greatest advantage ?

Click to find out how you can effectively increase your advantage.

Look forward to meeting you inside come on in NOW.

Colin Burr Learn Accounting Fast