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Key Principles To A Successful Business

The Practice of building Personal Self Esteem in your Business.

Practice No 1. The practice of Living Consciously.

Conscious of what i am putting in my body.

What I eat. Is it serving my body to be the greatest it can be.

What I do with my time. I don’t know how much i have so I don’t waste it. I cant save it for the future it is consumed every minute so best use it wisely.

What I watch on TV. Also what i am reading. Is it educating me to be a criminal all the cops and robber shows for example. or is it teaching me to be a better person. What do I learn from the show I’ve just watched, read as I have invested my time in it?

What I think and say to and about others. Am I discussing the greatness of my colleges and friends and family or gossiping and sending negative energy to the person and the people i am talking with.

I believe Life is to serve others and add value to society. Does my action and my business do the same?

What action I take is it using my time wisely and adding value to my customers family and friends?

Practice No 2. The practice of Self-Acceptance.

The art of being aware of the chatter in your mind is it positive or negative?

I have observed in myself the critical action of removing the negative chatter in my mind and replacing it with.

What I am grateful for today?
What am I excited about today?
What am I committed to doing today?

What is working great in my business and what I want to focus on in the future. The only time I look to the past is to ensure That I got the lesson.
Some take time to figure out and some hurt the ego a little but… Now how can I apply the lesson to my every day action?

I may have a perfect world view point but I cannot change the world but I can change my world to reflect my perfect world view.

“Walking the talk” I have free will and can be who and like I choose to be. This is my way to change the world one person at a time-ME.

improving selfesteemIn business we must be aware of what is working well and what may need to be changed to ensure we have an efficient operation to bring the best product and service to our friends family and customers.

Understanding the language of cash will give you the key to operating and efficient and profitable business.

We don’t have be an accountant just have to know what the financial reports are telling you. Every action in business will end up on your financial reports giving you a window into how efficient you are and the opportunity to change and do better.

Nathaniel’s point is to Improve what you can and accept what you can’t.

Practice No 3. The practice of Self-Responsibility.

We all have been given free will to do and choose our Thought , words, and actions. What becomes of these is based on our intentions.

This free will is the most precious gift we have and needs to be used with careful consideration.

As discussed in practices 1. dare I repeat them here.
Care to be taken..

What we eat.
What we read.
What we watch.
What we do with our time.

What happens is out of our control as we are not responsible for others perception of our actions.

Self-Confidence-and-Happiness-300x295In business we are responsible for what we do to and with our customers. For example,  I receive so many telemarketer calls who jump into my space on the phone saying “buy my stuff buy my stuff”.

They invariably never  ask me if it is OK to speak with me now ? as I may be in a very urgent and important state or position and don’t care what they have to say.

They would be far better off asking permission  to speak or find a more suitable time.

It is our responsibility to serve others with understanding and support to the right person with the right words at the right time for the right reasons.

The practice of Self-Responsibility.

Practice No 4. The practice of Self-Assertiveness.

How to stay authentic to your true self under pressure.

Again it is your choice what you do with your time. Who you spend your time with and for what reason.

Today many people are faced with the social demands of drugs and alcohol. To stay true to your self and not partake in this social destroying practice takes inner strength and conviction.

The same principle applies in business.

Focusing on taking the money from a customer without considering the needs and position of the customer will eventually bring you down.The single most important thing in business is to own the trust of your customer.

you are in controlIn some cases the best thing you can do for the customer once you understand their needs is to not sell your product or service. This is especially important if they are required to go into debt to own your product or service.

Stephen Covey the author of the 7 habits of highly effective people said seek first to understand then be understood.

If we take the time to understand our customers position we will know how we can best support them.

To stand tall on your conviction to serve and add value to the customer and your community takes personal inner strength and compassion at times.

I am reminded of the story of a great soup restaurant sold to a new owner who decided to water down the very popular soup at the restaurant. He made quick money until the customers stopped coming as they soon realized the food was not the same quality they had become to expect.

Fast money moves fast the key is to bring it too you not have it go away from you.

The practice of self assertiveness sticking to your conviction to do the right thing always.

Practice No 5. The practice of Living purposefully.

Having a strong sense of purpose. Knowing why you are in business is critical to your success.

Once you know “why” exploring the love of business and the love of adding value to your target customers.

To just get their money is not enough to succeed. Improving your business at every level begins by understanding the needs of your customer.

Improving your product or service all the time. Sony have a saying they are only 3 months ahead of the competition. Constant and never ending improvement as a culture in all business will bring great success.

Understand your why then the what, when, how, when and who will arrive to ensure you are living a purposeful life.

Practice No 6. The practice of personal integrity.

Personal integrity not someone Else’s integrity. listen to the voice in your head that knows the difference between right and not so right will always take top the front of the room as a winner.

To follow the rules of someone else who you wouldn’t normally be involved with for what ever reason will eventually be your down fall.

self-esteem-3Integrity is the honest and perfect state.
Operate your life with integrity for all and the peaceful life we search for will develop.

Your customers friends and family will see you as the shinning light no matter what.

I trust you have enjoyed this little lesson I found on the youtube channel of FightMediocrity.

Take these lessons and add them to your business and personal life.

I know sometimes we will be challenged and may struggle to act in this manner but if we all strive to apply and practice these we can stand in front of the mirror in the morning and see a person with high self esteem.

I wish to acknowledge the source of this material from …

Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden The video Developed by FightMediocrity to be found on his YouTube channel.

I am a great follower of this channel and encourage you to do the same.

Information wont make you $1,000,000 ACTION WILL..

Colin Burr
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